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Friends came by to watch the filming of a segment on the Movement Therapy Foundation by the Discovery Channel

Movement Therapy Foundation founder Arthur Kassel on the PMTD machine. PMTD is Durable Medical Equipment which promotes better health thru Movement Therapy™.

Founder of the Movement Therapy Foundation, Arthur Kassel and Actor Richard Kiel prepare to be interviewed by the Discovery Channel Production Team.

Actor Richard Kiel demonstrates Movement Therapy™ on the PMTD Bariatric Machine by Flexiciser International during the filming. Flexiciser's PMTD Bariatric (Durable Medical Equipment for Movement Therapy™) device is also featured in the Discovery Channel Segment. The PMTD Bariatric Machine is for obese people who weigh between 350 and 700 lbs. For more information, please check their website


Movement Therapy Foundation founder Arthur Kassel explains how he hopes that Movement Therapy™ will soon be prescribed by doctors and medical professionals as standard practice. He explained that the benefits from Movement Therapy™ are far reaching and include:

  1. Bullet  Strengthened postural muscles, which can slow the formation of scoliosis.

  2. Bullet  Improve range of motion & joint flexibility.

  3. Bullet  Increase Cardiovascular and Pulmonary circulation.

  4. Bullet  Promote muscle balance & coordination.

  5. Bullet  Increase stamina and strength.

  6. Bullet  Smooth non-impact movement improves circulation, digestion, balance, coordination, and strength.

  7. Bullet  Prevent atrophy

  8. Bullet  Feel better and accomplish your daily activities.

The Discovery Channel “Health Heroes” filmed the Movement Therapy Foundation for a segment on the health and medical benefits of Movement Therapy™ to be aired Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 7am PST/EST.