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Don Ko and his friends from out of town also came by learn more about Movement Therapy™ benefits.

Marcos Gonzalez and his friend visited our booth to learn more on Movement Therapy™.

Jarrod Mills used to be a coach in Tulare, CA, but now is a Media Technician helping his grandmother promote her business.

Jennifer Kumiyama and Arthur Kassel run into each other after attending the Tichi Wilkerson Kassel Movement Therapy Awards the previous night.

Zac Puddy Siggers and his mom share their story about Zac continuing recovery from his stroke at 18 months.

Caroline and Jack Galanty wanted to find out more information on our organization.

Zelandia her son Larney and the rest of the family told us the horrifying story of how a drunk driver changed Larney’s life one night and left him paralyzed.

Jose Romero has been in a wheelchair since he was 2 years old after suffering from polo.  He now enjoys life with his wife Patricia and son Joshua as he works as a substitute teacher all over San Gabriel County.

Kevin Ogawa, Arthur Kassel, Frank Longo, Margie Shioshita, Yuri Romero, Steve Ogawa, and John Rockwell visited the Movement Therapy Foundation Booth.

Author Allen Rucker winner of the 2011 Movement Therapy Literacy Award came by our booth to say hi.

Paula and Angell Reyes stopped by to learn the benefits of

Movement Therapy.

Three Generations of the Mercado family, Grandmother Mary, Mother Tricia, and daughter Brianna come to the Ability Expo every year together.

The Coleman Family are enjoying themselves this year at the Abilities Expo.

David Rios and Reyna Barrera came by to learn more about the benefits of Movement Therapy.